Sunday, 16 September 2007

Weekly update

It's been a busy week. Only three outings on the bike this week although the weather has been fantastic. It's been cooler in the mornings with the mercury below 10C but the afternoons have been warm enough for cycling in a T-shirt. The two days dropped required the car to be used for ferrying gear around - a washing machine and 1000 litres of roof insulation. I did make up some extra miles by two trips to the town centre. Even so, September's total cycling mileage is not going to amount to much, as most weekends are also booked up with trips and other activities, leaving little time for extra bike trips.

Down at the road works, Bethell have also been busy, in this, the second week. As well as tree felling, the work at the side of Phillips Road appears to be changing the shape of the sharp bend in the road that goes round to follow the Blakewater down to Whalley Old Road. This work has not disrupted traffic because it only narrowed the road slightly. Next week the temporary traffic lights are likely to be causing some delays.

Happy pedalling.

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