Thursday, 20 September 2007

Re-live the days of your youth

Remember when you first learnt to ride a bike? As kids we were always pulling stunts and doing crazy stuff on our bikes. Riding around the neighbourhood was exhilarating as we weaved inbetween houses, down alleyways and ginnels, jumping off steps and skidding on the gravel. No fancy suspension bikes with disc brakes then. It was just plain kids bikes. We used to go through tyres in no time and skin as well if we weren't so lucky.

Nowadays the big boys like to do exactly the same but with expensive machinery and full face helmets. You can do the same on the 21st October around Penarth, South Wales. It should be fantastic but only for the serious rider. I know the town because my father-in-law lives there. I've walked down many of the streets and back-alleys and think it will be an excellent venue for a downhill race. It is on a hill by the sea opposite Cardiff across the Cardiff Bay. Some of the steep descents down steps to the promenade will be great for cycling or spectating.

The guys at the Tredz store in Penarth are running the event called the Tredz Downtown Race and entries are going fast. Go to to get the entry forms or check there on the Friday before for the route.

To get a flavour of the event, check the Lisboa event below or the theatrical but entertaining Top Gear challenge above.

Last year Bridgnorth in Shropshire held an event. It's similar to Penarth in many ways. Here's a clip of that event to whet your appetite:

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