Sunday, 21 December 2014

Leaden skies

Solstice day. Grey and 'mild for the time of year'
Incentive gone, sapped by midwinter gloom
Fitness ambition playing off against lie-in mentality
Saddle and fireside chair, magnets of opposing poles
Roast dinner, stew and broth, winter comfort not for the athlete

Forty year old Christmas songs repeatedly invade
Incentive enough to brave dank, dark wind
Familiar cafes, steamed up windows beaming lighthouse salvation
'Tis the season to keep warm, keep jolly, keep trying, to keep on
Don't give up, give in, days are getting longer

Somehow a night ride seems appealing
Feeling elements but not what's missing
Focus easier, isolation complete
Rhythmic breathing, cyclic pedalling
View - a mere vignette, just enough - it'll soon be summer!