Thursday, 31 July 2008

July report

Some of the blogs I read contain a small summary of the mileages ridden, weather and other assorted information. It's quite interesting to see, especially if you know the person is training for an objective such as an event. I'm neither training for an event or fastidious enough to record that level of detail. I do know roughly how many miles I've done and July being a good month, I'm proudly displaying my stats today.

Commuting has been pleasant, wearing shorts every day. The route has not been as fluid of late with 2 sets of temporary traffic lights, but during the holiday period, now the schools are off, the roads are much quieter so that makes up for it and makes for a more leisurely ride. I know July has had some wet and cool weather locally in the North West but I've managed to avoid it by having a touring holiday in Germany - more detail to come...I've a lot of catching up to do since things have been so busy of late.

There won't be many months I will ride more than two or three hundred miles, but now I have, it's something to aim for again.

Commute: 63 miles
Leisure/training: 107 miles
Touring: 502 miles
Weather: warm and sometime wet

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Blackburn Grand Prix

Last night Blackburn town centre hosted a number of criterium races around a half mile course around the shopping centre. The public were encouraged to have a go before the official races got underway. It's good to see local events like this encouraging participation.