Sunday, 2 September 2007

Back to reality

After the heady days of sunny cycling in August, this week saw the return of dark dank mornings heavy with drizzle. A foretaste of things to come as autumn draws near. Thoughts necessarily turn to high-viz jackets for the dark mornings, warmer gear to keep out the cold and charging and testing the lights ready for remounting on the bike. The temperature was hovering around 10C and the sun was unable to break through the blanket of cloud. Getting muscles warm takes a bit longer and I find for a short commute, I'll wear more than I usually would for a longer ride.

It also felt strange to get back on the road bike after using the mountain bike for three weeks. It wasn't just the contrast between the skinny tyres on the road bike and the fat ones on the mountain bike. No, even though all the bits are adjusted for correct height and everything, the difference in geometry and riding position also make a big difference. I thought I'd feel fitter on the road bike but it just didn't seem as good. It'll soon wear off.

Hopefully this is not the end of good weather just yet as I want to leave the winter cycling jacket tucked away for as long as possible. There's always talk of an Indian summer and with luck, September will provide some nice days to get some rides in.

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