Sunday, 30 September 2007

Autumn beckons

So September has come to an end. The shorter days herald chilly mornings and return journeys in the evening are in fading light. The trees are starting to change shade and lose their leaves. This week I've had the lights on one day and my winter cycling jacket on another day when the mercury was a little above freezing. For a short ride like mine, the jacket feels justified since the journey is hardly long enough to break into a sweat. For a longer ride, a winter jacket would still be too warm. My cycling in September has been solely commuting. I suppose it's one of the reasons I do it. Finding time to exercise isn't easy when there are other things to be done and replacing a commute in the car with one on a bike is an efficient way to fit in exercise, whilst also arriving more alert for a day at work. Total miles: about 75 - around 30 trips.

Road works update (week 4): I stopped for a chat with one of the contractors from Bethell, who are replacing the Blakewater culvert at Philips Road. He was busy with his blue spray can marking datum points on the pavement (sidewalk). I mentioned last week that the focus had shifted to the Little Harwood side of the road after widening the outside of the bend. This is apparently where the main activity is going to be as the culvert runs parallel to the road. In the shot below you can see the culvert, with its concrete covering, being exposed. From here, it must run along the roadside. Knusden brook enters from the right before where the digger is.

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