Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Streets of gold

The route to work suddenly got brighter the other day. It looked like it was paved with gold. Well it was, only a kind of fool's gold. Then, I discovered where all the yellow came from. It was from this tree.
Looking like it had done 10 rounds with a Russian boxer I didn't rate its chances for survival. After all, you're not supposed to prune plants when flowering, are you?
Mr Titchmarch advises:
'Laburnums are best pruned any time from the end of the summer, up until Christmas. Pruning earlier in the year should be avoided because they are prone to bleeding'
And there it was lying all over the street, like a bloodbath.
I can confirm it won't be surviving since it was chopped down today. I wonder if it had a tree preservation order on it?

Hopefully, the owners won't wait until National Tree Week to plant a replacement.

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