Tuesday, 19 June 2007

High drama en-route

Cue the sound of spurs chinking and the western music. Luckily no one was hurt in this incident but I was quite surprised when I discovered what had happened.
I saw a police car yesterday morning. I half thought it might be on the lookout for moving traffic violations or perhaps investigating the illegal felling of protected trees. The car was parked a couple of doors up from the house shown in this post. I thought no more of it. On the way home either it, or another one, was there. Obviously something happened, but what was not obvious, was what?
It turns out there was a shooting on Whalley New Road near Bastwell earlier on Monday morning. The BBC have details of the incident, which happened about four hours before I passed by.
Apparently six men have now been detained and it is thought the incident may have been gang related. The Lancashire Telegraph also covers the incident. I hope this is an isolated occurrence. I also hope the private ambulance and police car I saw nearby tonight were unconnected.

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