Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Where I used to work, there was a farm nearby and we saw plenty of animals. Some of them were from the farm and some were wild such as rabbits. Once, we even saw a pair of breeding bipedal primates!
Now, we're located on an urban business park we don't expect to observe as much wildlife. How wrong could we be?

Last year there were plenty of lapwings nesting on the gravel land around the NTL building. This year we've got oystercatchers. Here's a couple spotted by Glenfield Park on the way home.
The absence of a long lens, it raining, and me not being a birder are my excuses for any lack of quality, but the pics were taken today and are not library images.
This is the Eurasian Oystercatcher or common pied oystercatcher. See wikipedia for more details. Oystercatchers in the Greenbank area of Blackburn are obviously not feeding on molluscs and presumably are enjoying a rich diet of worms and other insects. They make a lot more noise than the lapwings. To hear them, click here.

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