Sunday, 20 April 2008

Making molehills out of mountains

Thirty two weeks ago, Philips Road, here in Blackburn, was dug up to get access to repair the culvert that covers the River Blakewater as it flows from Little Harwood on its way to Blackburn. Finally, the earth that was removed over six months ago, is being put back and the place restored to normality.

Bethell the contractors were out in force perparing the ground for re-laying the road. This last week the kerbstones for the road have been put in place over the newly restored culvert, ready for resurfacing Philips road.

In the first picture you can see the blue inspection access tower leading down to the culvert but by the end of the week it was all but covered.

It's not quite over as there is still a small section of culvert over Knusden Brook that needs repairing, but that can't commence until some new road is made available to allow the current single lane working to be shift over to make room. Personally I can't wait as the traffic lights are at a section where I can be doing 30mph but stopping every day spoils the flow of my ride. Not only that but the section of temporary road is so bumpy and worn out it's becoming dangerous.

Roll on the next couple of weeks when it will be all change, hopefully for the better.

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Tim said...

I hope this helps with your commute. I envy your ability to commute to work. Awesome Blog, I read it often