Monday, 21 April 2008

Big Brother at Glenfield

Every day recently I've been passing the foundations of a mysterious installation at the junction of Philips Road and Blakewater Road. The purple piping sticking out of the concrete and the four sturdy bolts were a clue. These are just the sort of thing we've seen down the sides of motorways in the UK where traffic information signs have been installed. I could hardly imagine the density of traffic on Philips Road would warrant an information display. If I'd thought about it enough, I should have guessed it would be a camera. In future we will feel safe knowing the area is being watched and lunatic speeding motorists flying up Blakewater Road will be recorded. It won't stop them, but hey.

I found a certain irony that the guy installing the camera didn't look too pleased at having his photograph taken.

As an aside, do readers in other contries have colour schemes for pipes laid underground? Here in the UK we have yellow for gas (see next item), blue for water, purple for electronics and loads of other colour codes I'm not familiar with - all probably covered in a British Standard.

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Anonymous said...

i think its something to do with the enterprize area there are 20 cameras they check number plate coming in to the area they also keep an eye open to vandels, theft and so on.