Saturday, 29 March 2008

Eurostar update

I noticed a few visitors to Psychalist have been searching for information on travelling on Eurostar with bicycles. Since I posted about options for travelling by train with a bike, the policy at Eurostar has changed. There is now greater choice for how you take a bike on Eurostar trains. Previously, cycles had to be booked as checked luggage and were not guaranteed to arrive on the same train. This option is still available but now cycle touring, where you want to have your bike available on arrival, looks possible using Eurostar.

The Eurostar site
now clearly states that, if your bike can be reduced to the size of a suitcase, it can travel on the train as regular luggage without pre-booking. For this, Eurostar advise packing it in a bike bag with handlebars, seat, and wheels removed. Presumably also pedals etc. Not everyone is going to want to go to these lengths, unless they have a folding bike. However, there are other options.

From April 7th it will be possible to travel with a bike on the London, Paris and Brussells routes on the same train as the passenger. Using this option, the bike has to be pre-booked for the journey, costing £20 each way and is subject to space being available. This is good news indeed. I'm interested to know how well this works from anyone who tries it.

Reservations and further information on 08705 850 850 (that's 020 79023103 for anyone not wanting to use their premium rate number) or visit the EuroDespatch Centre in person at St Pancras International.

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