Thursday, 6 March 2008

Cycling routine

Commuting using the bike has been continuing as normal over the last few weeks. Lately it seems that little has changed along the route other than the daylight hours extending. The odd daffodil here and there heralds the beginnings of spring but, other than that, there hasn't been much happening. There's not much to report from the road works either.

Nevertheless it's an enjoyable routine I look forward to as the bookends of a working day. It works as a way of switching on before work or switching off after it finishes. The concentration, although required just as for driving, is somehow different. It is as if I'm more alert to the movement of traffic around me, but at the same time allowed to take in the scenery and things happening away from the road. It is this intimacy with one's environment I think makes cycling to work more refreshing than sitting in a car.

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