Friday, 1 February 2008

Psychalist exclusive - Source of the River Blakewater revealed

This week, the fifth in January 2008, saw the momentous occasion down at the Philips Road works. Not seen for many years, the site where Little Harwood Brook and Knusden Brook come together to form the River Blakewater. This is the water course that early settlers chose when Blackburn was formalised as a settlement in Roman times.

The steelwork prefabrication in the foreground looks like it may be a cover for the junction and contains an inspection hole. This is this week's roadworks news.


AlexTurgid said...

Well that answers my (unasked) question about where the Blakewater starts!

Yes, I'm still reading, although not cycling at the moment due to problems selecting inner tubes.

Psychalist said...

Cheers Alex and thanks for reading. Sounds like the problem I'm experiencing trying to continue using 27in wheels - I'd no idea they were so outdated!