Monday, 18 February 2008

Culvert operations week 22

I hope readers are enjoying following the saga affecting the upper reaches of the Blakewater. Psychalist has received many hits from people researching the Blakewater so if nothing else, this diary of nonsense may provide a sort of historical record for the future when none of this is visible any more. Twenty two weeks have passed by since the works got under way. The road signs warning of delays appeared back in August and here we are, approaching spring, having witnessed the progress, over the winter, of the restoration work to the culvert. I've no idea if Bethell are on target to complete in the thirty weeks allotted, but my impression from passing each day is that there is light at the end of the culvert.

This week, at the downstream end of the works, activity has been taking place around the bridge parapet where the footpath from Little Harwood comes out on Beechwood Road. In the middle area earth has been moved to fill in around the restored sections of culvert. The site is not so dominated by huge mounds of earth and therefore looks tidier despite being a long way off finished.

In the upper section, the steelworkers have been preparing for the strengthening of the walls at the junction. This work has extended over the other side of the road to Knusden Brook. There is a small section that passes under the road at right angles. I guess at some stage this bit will also need the treatment and so the roadworks will switch sides of the road.

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