Tuesday, 12 February 2008

London to get Velib like bike scheme

£500m over 10yrs: Five point plan:
  • £75m scheme to provide 6000 sturdy cycles located around London with 'stations' situated every 300m. Will be free for first 30 mins to registered users, and a £1/30mins after that.
  • Around a dozen radial cycling corridors into the city centre
  • Bike zones with cycle priority streets, 20Mph limits linking areas.
  • Legible London signage to help navigation for cyclists and walkers.
  • 'Streets of Gold' urban makeovers linking key local destinations such as schools, shops and stations.
Aim - by 2025 5% of trips to be made by bike (1.7m), 22m on foot and include major investment in cycle parking facilities. Today Mr. Livingstone also announced gas guzzling vehicles will get hit for £25/day to drive within the congestion zone.

London Cycling Campaign
Singletrack Magazine
Times online

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