Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Winter Cycling Tip

January is turning out to be a miserable month weather wise with many areas of England experiencing flooding. The number of wet days is way above my normal monthly average. Cycling in the rain can be unpleasant without mudguards (fenders) due to all the spray and result in the need for a complete change of clothes on arrival at your destination. It's somewhat of a given that mudguards are a pre-requisite for comfortable commuting.

When choosing mudguards, it's worth considering getting a front one with a mud flap that hangs down. Occasionally, the roads aren't just wet but have lots of puddles and standing water. A mud flap prevents feet from getting a dousing when you have to cycle through water. If you want to retro-fit a mud flap, finding some suitable material and riveting it to an existing mudguard is a reasonable option.

photo: fotdmike

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