Sunday, 6 January 2008

2008 - a new year

Shawcliff Lane, Great Harwood

A the end of the first week of the new year, it seems January has started like the last three months, with a wet spell. No photos from the daily commute last week as I only managed one day and that was too wet to even think about getting the camera out. Work recommenced at the roadworks (now in their 16th week). Not much changed other than digging out more of the culvert towards Little Harwood.

Kemple End and the Bowland Fells from Whalley Nab

As the days slowly turn to getting longer, I'm looking forward to some more daylight at each end of the working day. In the meantime I ordered a bright LED front headlight in the January sales. It's not the latest model but it should be bright enough at 54 candle power to alert motorists better.

Sheep grazing at Lower White Calf farm

Today's photos are from a short local ride around Great Harwood and Whalley. The weather was very pleasant and plenty of other cyclists were out in the Ribble Valley enjoying the bright spell.

St. James church Blackburn from Parsonage reservoir

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