Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Not much fest but October turned out to be a good month weather wise for commuting. Lancashire has the reputation for being wet so Lancastrians can be forgiven for having the English preoccupation with the weather. October gave us little to talk about since it has been mainly dry for commuting with just three trips that I can remember getting wet. On the west coast of America, just a few thousand miles north, it was a different story. Today it was wet coming home - not a good start to the month. Hopefully November won't be like this everyday, though in previous years, it has been.

My total trips on the bike must have been about 40 with a commuting mileage topping out at 100 miles. There aren't many months I achieve that but it feels good to develop a consistent habit of riding and I miss it if I have to go in the car.

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