Friday, 12 October 2007

Jack Hammer

This week's road works update is early 'cos I'm off walking for the weekend. This is week five of the culvert replacement. Activity on Philips Road has been hotting up with both the digger and now the jackhammer active. The reinforced concrete covering of the culvert is being broken up in preparation for replacing it. I had hoped to get a decent shot of the concrete and steel but there is a lot of fencing in the way.

Other roads had works on them this week as some paving (sidewalk) has been replaced on one of the roads before getting to the real works. Many of the pavements and potholes have been marked up with white spray paint so I'm expect more improvements are on the way. Weather wise, dark and damp has been the theme most days this week but other days have seen fine and with calm conditions.

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Anonymous said...

Gazing out of the window of John's hairdressers near Brownhill we looked for the elusive 'Psychalist' but of course by then he was safely esconced in the warmth of his office spending his day busy Googling away. My companion was one Wainwright who was being shorn by one of the beautiful women there who richly deserve any tips they get for their pleasantness and skill.
I think you might might run an occasional series in your blog of reccommended places to visit on your route and we can search them out and patronise them!!!