Saturday, 30 January 2010

Potholes in the news

Have you noticed potholes in roads are suddenly big news?
Since the 'Big Freeze', it's become obvious the bad weather had a big effect on our roads. Motorists noticed and started complaining in their droves. Motoring organisations took up cause and demanded authorities sort them out. The media quickly recognised what was going on and followed with headlines about broken budgets and failing councils. Google not only shows an increase in news but also in an increasing trend in search for information about potholes.

This has come about because the holes are big enough to damage motorists vehicles and make motoring dangerous. Unfortunately for us cyclists, many of the worn-out roads already had potholes that damage our machines and are dangerous to cycle on but our voice is insufficient to be heard. When motorists start claiming for repairs for punctures, broken wheels and suspension, councils start taking notice.

I've probably mentioned previously about my broken spokes on poor roads around Blackburn but I've never claimed off the council. I doubt it would make any difference. Even though cyclists might not have a huge influence on the authorities responsible for roads, now is probably a good time to get those holes reported whilst the subject is in focus. Apparently the CTC pothole reporting site has been busy of late receiving new reports of potholes around the country. Get yours on your council's list now.

The hole shown in the pictures is on the A666 Whalley Road opposite Langho post office. It's a real rim breaker. I spotted it the other night doing about 25mph - a bit too late to swerve and avoid it but soon enough to bunny hop it. Today, the daylight revealed just how dangerous it is. There were loads of others on my ride today but this is probably the worst.

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