Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The light, the light...

Yes it cometh. Whilst I may still be commuting at both ends of the day with lights on, my sense of lengthening daylight hours is palpable. It's only a matter of days before commuting in light returns and I'm quite excited at the prospect. Not because of my commuting, for which it makes a difference - despite me enjoying riding in the dark. No, it's more for the fact it opens up prospects of longer rides during both the day and night. This is something I've done more and more of last year and I'm looking forward to this spring, as well as not having frozen toes.

I've been getting out for other rides in the dark, which on one hand, is quite relaxing - rather like listening to music - it creates a kind of bubble where you can lose yourself in your own thoughts. On the other hand it is quite restricting with limited view of where I'm going or what I'm riding over, so I'm ready for lighter rides. Bring it on.

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