Thursday, 9 April 2009

Getting Busy Out...

In the 12-15 minutes it takes to ride home after work I usually only see one or maybe no cyclists. Recently I've been seeing more. On a couple of occasions I've seen 5 cyclists. Shock horror - I know, it must be a record. Warmer weather and lighter nights might be a reason. Only time will tell if it is a trend. Most of them weren't the regular riders I sometimes see.

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sexify said...

Here in the Midlands it's the same.

When I started biking to work about 2 years ago (having previously cycled at university), I'd see about 3 people a day getting about on bikes.

Then last summer LOADS more people were out and about on bikes. Mainly for leisure, but even a short ride's better than none.

Then it surprised me that I'd see a handful of people every day right through the winter.

And now spring's here again and the numbers are unmistakably up on last year. Importantly, I see lots of people going to work or the shops on their bikes. A sure sign we're heading in the right direction, even with so little political will.