Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Retail Misery

I cycle past the Roe Lee in Blackburn twice as part of my daily commute. This is the long straight on the A666, which is good for sustained speed given no car doors opening or cars jumping out of side roads. At speed, I have to focus on what's ahead, but going slower I look around more. The recent culvert repairs forced slower travel in this area because of the traffic lights. These have now gone and it is amazing how much more flowing my commute is again.

One thing I've noticed along this stretch is how the retail misery continues. In 2007 a glimpse of how bad things were down at the local shops showed many for sale or rent. Roe Lee is home to a significant number of retail outlets. Not only are many still for sale or rent, but some, which changed hands and accommodated new businesses, have since packed up and once more are empty. Any brief flicker of improvement seen by new businesses opening have been all but extinguished by the recession.

The Blue Diamond became the Eastern Delight but never looked like it had any customers. It has now closed.

Brittney's sandwich shop never seemed to be open when I passed in a morning so I never did pick up a lunchtime sandwich on my way to work. It's now up for sale.

This clothes shop also recently closed. On the other side of the road Nails4U is closed and the car dealership also.

On the flip-side, Tesco Express always appears busy.

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