Friday, 13 March 2009

Gisburn expands singletrack

Recently, I have seen more reports of investment for cyclists in British forests. This is great news. Across the country, our managed forests are increasingly being used for recreational purposes. The one nearest to here, Gisburn, is currently expanding its cycle trails. From the Singletrack website I discovered they are receiving investment resulting in a shift of the ratio of singletrack to fireroad in favour of the more exciting singletrack. This is an opportunity for keen singletrack MTBers to not only influence where trails go, but also increase the investment in the trails. By volunteering to build trails, the hours spent helps gain more investment money for trailbuilding.

Maybe the route on bikley will be updated. It's nice to see this happening in a forest nearby so it's less far to travel for some off road fun. I haven't had chance to check out Whinlatter and likely as not will get to Gisburn first.

More details on the Singletrack magazine website.

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