Tuesday, 17 July 2007

You and Yours

BBC Radio4 'You and Yours' program was on cycling today and touched on many of the issues and challenges facing improving cycling in the UK.
You can listen again for 7 days at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/youandyours.

It started by citing the examples of York and Oxford for the cities with the greatest use of cycling but mentioned large increases in uptake where there is traffic congestion and especially charging.
Cycling England were represented: two pronged focus on cycle training and cycling demonstration towns comparing spending in equivalent continental towns.

Guests also compared attitude between UK and Holland. Sharing facilities and respect of road/path space and other users being a common theme. Contrary anti-cycling views cited badly behaved cyclists.

The revival of road bikes vs. the boom in mountain bikes was mentioned by Bike Biz trade magazine, seeing a
trend in increasing demand for city bikes. The tax rebate scheme, 'Cycle to Work' also got a mention. Details http://www.bikeforall.net/. Also in the bike business, in 10-15 years UK indepedent retailers down in number from 4000 to about 2000 but knowledge and quality of service better.

Training was emphasised for both motorists & cyclists. Bikeability (formerly cycling proficiency) cycle training uk, 3 levels. Also: importance of asserting yourself on the road. 35/149 local authorities offering bikeability training check http://www.bikeability.org.uk/ and your local authority for details.

Safety with traffic and trucks - a planner's view was that we suffer from insufficient planning for walkers and cyclists.

Lyon in France have a scheme Velolyon similar to the one just launched in Paris. Paris will have over 20,000 bikes available by end of year.

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