Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Compare and contrast

January 2010
January 2014

Whilst North America experiences one of its worst winters, the effect of the large storms here, the other side of the Atlantic, is repeated bashing from south westerly gales bringing rain and coastal flooding to the UK. Despite this, so far, our winter has been mild. There have been only a few days here in Lancashire when the mercury has been below zero, unlike the past three winters during which there were a number of periods when the temperature never rose above freezing - result: less salt on the road and consequently less bike cleaning, corrosion and therefore safer riding.

Adverse conditions require a lot more effort to cope with. Compared to a summer commute when we can just get on a bike and go, winter commuting requires more preparation especially if ice and snow are involved.

Winter has a long way to go, so having made this comparison, we'll probably get loads of snow before spring!

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