Thursday, 30 June 2011

Gammy leg

A picture might be a step too far, rather like a medical journal. I'm disappointed this week, having got into shape after daily touring miles in the last weeks, to end up with a bad leg. Whilst cycling along the Canal du Marne au Rhine, I was stung near my ankle by something going in the opposite direction. It must have objected to being stopped in its tracks, so to speak. The sting was big enough to be removed with fingers suggesting it was a big blighter, whatever it was.

Normally, I don't react badly to stings and bites and everything was alright for a few days - just some mild irritation and localised swelling as might be expected. A week later however and my ankle is raging with an infection, making riding difficult and not advised. Good job I'm not on the TdF - I wouldn't pass doping rules now!

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