Tuesday, 16 June 2009

On tour

Last weekend the weather returned to more normal summer expectations (opposed to normal reality). It's actually been better than forecast with only a couple of thundery showers so the shorts are out again. Right in the middle of Bike Week, we're setting off on a cycle tour in Scotland. This follows our experience last year when, as touring virgins, we went to Germany.

Logistically a trip to Carlisle and cycling across the border is a lot simpler than getting ourselves to southern Germany but the aim last year was to keep the cycling easy until we had a measure of our capabilities. I intended to do some writing about last year's tour and still might but this tour is already upon us.

We'll encounter larger hills and probably some westerly winds but hopefully the mix of weather will be favourable. Above you see one of the places we intend to get to, Brodick on the Isle of Arran. From there, the intention is to cross Kintyre and get the ferry to the Isle of Islay. I'm looking forward to chatting with fellow cycle tourists and enjoying some traditional Scottish hospitality.

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