Monday, 5 January 2009

Back en route

Bicycle commuting 2009 recommenced today for me after an extra day off last Friday. The Raleigh road bike is back on commuting duties having successfully passed some shakedown runs over the Christmas break. It's very different from the mountain bike even when it had road tyres on. Somehow the difference is more marked when commuting. A day ride in the country allows the mind to wander and the scenery to be absorbed. In town everything feels more jittery, especially bouncing around on the potholes and patches of tarmac in the road. Today was icy with the temperature never getting above freezing so I was taking it extra careful. Tonight it's forecast to get down to between -7C to -9C. Winter really is continuing in the same vain as it did throughout December. I'm glad Santa brought me an Altura skullcap!

The picture above is Pendle Hill - I didn't have one of today's ride so I thought this would make a nice substitute.

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