Thursday, 7 August 2008

Temporary lights 2

Second in a series showing the temporary traffic lights that have recently appeared on my route to work. This second set is less temporary, being another culvert repair. The signs went up in early June warning of another year's delay.

I'll not bore you with weekly updates as I think this one is going to take even longer than the Blakewater repairs on Philips Road. The principle appears to be very much the same. The culvert houses the streams from a number of tributaries in the Roe Lee area of Blackburn.

On the way to work these lights are not much of an impedance as there is a temporary walk way along the side of the works which I can zip down without any problems as there are usually any pedestrians around. It doesn't always work out trying to use it on the way home since it's on the wrong side of the road then.

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