Thursday, 30 August 2007

It's all relative

I started reading 'Up in Alaska' a while ago because it was a cycling related blog. What caught my eye was the weather in the photographs. Here, I thought, is someone who cycles whatever the weather, but the weather looks worse than here in north west England where the high levels of rainfall and low hours of sunshine are renowned. Since then I've followed the exploits of Jill, the author, through her prose and now, her story, as well as the images, keep me reading.

She's not what you'd call a regular commuter though. She's a journalist in Juneau, Alaska and works late in the day, leaving the early hours to grind out some miles both road and mountain. She trains for competive events and records her distance on the blog. I haven't tended to keep a tally of the miles I've travelled since I'm only a recreational and commuting cyclist, but recently I've been doing more riding and so I've kept a total. This month has been good because the bikes came with us on holiday and we did plenty of extra rides. I was hoping to top out about 300 miles for the month (quite exceptional for me). As it is, it will be nearer 270. Jill in Juneau, on the other hand, is hoping to clock 1000 miles. I hope she does it.

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